Is Snapchat Included in Your Marketing Strategy?

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Is Snapchat Included in your marketing strategy?  If it isn’t it should be!  Here are some statistics so you understand just how much you need to have your business on Snapchat…like yesterday. The mobile app has as many users as Twitter and it currently sits as social media’s second favorite network.  With more than 100 million active users and as many video views per day as Facebook, around 4 billion, are you convinced yet?

Using the mobile app you can send a 10 sec video clip or image to your friends, family or fan bases that can instantly disappear, never seen again.  The app also has a text messaging service that works the same, allowing users to add a clip to the message that will remain live for 24 hours.  You can use Snapchat to follow your favorite news and entertainment sites, Cosmo and CNN with the discover tab.  Missed the Wimbledon finals this past weekend, if you had Snapchat installed you could have caught it.

All of these offer advertising methods for businesses to reach their audiences.  If your target market are in the 13-34 year old demographic, 86% of Snapchat users are in that demographic.  On top of that most of them belong to more than one social network and can share what they put on Snapchat across multiple networks.


How to market on Snapchat

If you want to target millennials, and that’s a hard enough market to reach, there are a bunch of ways your company can take advantage of Snapchat.  You can only publish 10 seconds worth of content on Snapchat, but the purpose of that is to ensure that the content you do publish is engaging and easily absorbed.  The end user chooses which content they want to engage in, choice is a big indicator of just how engaged your users are with your ads.


Using the Tease feature is a great way to create some buzz around your products.  You have a 10 second window you can use to show some behind the scenes footage, exclusive content or release a new product.  The idea is to create some viral content that can be shared across multiple social media networks and through word of mouth.

Promos & Offers

You can use stories to promote flash sales and send discount codes to your customers.  You customer can take a screen shot on their smart phone and use the image to make purchases online or in your store.

Tell Your Story

Use the story feature and you can engage your audience for longer than 10 seconds and show the content over 24 hours.  You have a ton of options on how you can use this time.  Put together a sequence of events made up of 10 second clips.  Celebrity users have all jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon, Kylie Jenner has Snapchatted her entire make up routine.   Considering the success of her cosmetics line, it seems to be working.

If your customer base include millenials, it is time for your business to start engaging with them on Snapchat , here is a video showing a couple of ways to start marketing with Snapchat.

Know Your Ideal Customer


Yes, every marketing book and guru tells you that you need to know absolutely everything about your ideal customer…right down to their shoe size.  Actually they are all right, you really do need to understand your perfect client.

Here’s why it’s so difficult for business owners to describe their ideal client, you have a brilliant product or service to sell.  EVERYBODY should have it!  You want to sell your goods and services to the whole world.  You’re a people person and you certainly don’t want to alienate a customer by making them feel left out.

While to a degree that’s true, but you’re not Walmart you don’t market to everyone.  In fact, not even Walmart markets to everyone.  For your marketing to be effective it has to connect with the right audience, so much so that they identify with you message.  You can’t do that with generic marketing crap meant to market to everyone.

Know Your Ideal Customer

Personalize your ideal client, give them a name and try and picture what they look like, what they are afraid of and what they think about.  For convenience sake call him Bob for now.

Here are the things you need to know about Bob:

  • Demographics – This is the boring statistic stuff, things like age, education, gender, marital status, profession, income and shoe size.  Okay you don’t really need to know Bob’s shoe size but this is how you start getting to know Bob.
  • Psychographics – Where demographics are all about statistics, psychographics are about personality.  What does Bob value, what are his opinions, attitudes, interests and what kind of lifestyle does he lead.  What makes Bob interesting?
  • Pain Points – This how you discover how you can help your potential client.  What gives Bob ulcers?  What is the most immediate problem that you can solve for them?  How would Bob describe his issue in his own words?  Once you have this figured out then you can convey directly how you can help.
  • Location – Where does Bob hang out in his spare time?  Most marketers forget this step in their research, which is really a big mistake.  If Bob is your ideal client and he is a contractor earning more than 6 figures per year and works 60 hour weeks is he going to be hanging out at Starbucks in the afternoons?  Uh…no.  Is he networking, probably not.  You have to figure out when and where to reach Bob.

Once you’ve got all this information you have to admit you have a pretty good handle on Bob.

Now how do you use that information?

Before you put pen to paper and write any marketing material, tap into everything you know about Bob and write from there.  Use words that Bob would use and speak to him in his language.  Once you figured where Bob hangs out then that is where you need to be.  Tweak your information as you learn more and always keep Bob in the back of your mind.

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